BRS Bulk Biopellets

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  • BRS PHA Biopellets

BRS Bulk Biopellets

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  • Works fantastic By on 8/21/2017

    Works great. Start off with less than 1/2 The recommended dosage. Add the rest slowly throughout the coming months
  • Great Pellet By on 1/14/2017

    These are just as or better than other Brands. I've found use a 1/4 as much as prescribed. They work better and faster this way. Dissolves very slow. I've had mine in 8 months and not much has dissolved but kicks nitrates and Phosphates butt 24/7. I don't even run GFO anymore after a month with this on my system. No need.
  • Best pellets By on 4/8/2016

    Pellets where smaller than i'm used to but aside from that they tumble great as long as you soak them for 48 hours. stripped my water clean in no time.
  • So far So Good By on 3/30/2016

    I started to use bio-pellets about a month ago. So far so good. I decided to start with much less than suggested and test my water parameters. It is a good thing I did that. I am using about half of what is recommended for my size tank and my numbers are doing great. So I am not going any higher. My skimmer has been putting out a very dark gump. I assume that it is working as everywhere I read from, that is what it is supposed to look like. I am using the pellets with the BRS reactor so I was able to adjust the flow to where they tumble nicely.
  • AWESOME! By on 12/30/2015

    Have the Reef Octopus BioChurn 120INT on a 120 gal reef tank using BRS biopellets and the ZeoBac, ZeoSnow, Zeo 7 system....within one week my water is SOOO clear and coral is SOOO happy! Awesome product!
  • Great product By on 12/26/2015

    Been using these since the I started my bio pellets reactor ! They don't grind down fast! A nice and very much will be reordering !
  • Very Nice! By on 10/2/2015

    This product is so easy to use and works great, just make sure you give it time to work.
  • Would only use on Fish Only tanks By on 8/28/2015

    These pellets work fairly well in reactors but only with lots of maintenance. A larger than normal % of them will float and clog your reactor.
  • Bulk Biopellets By on 8/15/2015

    The BioPellets worked great. My son and I have used these several times.
  • BE CAREFUL!! By on 4/17/2015

    Dosed the recommended amount: 1 cup per 50 gallons. I dosed 2 cups for my 100gal tank. Day 5 I came home from work in the morning and saw my tank was extremely cloudy (normally crystal clear water column). I noticed a bad odor coming from the sump area. I discovered my Green Bird Wrasse had jumped from the tank, and a few hours later my Rusty Angel was dead on it's side.

    Bio Pellets will cause I major drop in available O2 levels in your tank. BE VERY CAREFUL with these pellets. DO NOT start off with the recommended dosage. I would start with 1/4th of the dose. Also, make sure you have a VERY GOOD skimmer to remove the increased skimmate from these pellets. I have stopped running my reactor and hope that when I get home in the morning I don't have anymore dead fish.