Vertex Alpha 170 Protein Skimmer

Vertex Alpha 170 Protein Skimmer
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  • Vertex Alpha 170 Protein Skimmer
  • Vertex Alpha Protein Skimmer

Vertex Alpha 170 Protein Skimmer

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  • Does not work if you don't have the right sump height By on 5/21/2017

    If your water level stays the exact height all of the time you will be okay, if not this thing is a piece of junk! I spend more time adjusting the skimmer then anything else on my custom 200 gal acrylic .
  • Great Skimmer until Pump went out... By on 5/22/2014

    If the red dragon pump had not gone out a couple months after purchasing, I would be giving this skimmer 5 stars. It has taken 6+ weeks dealing with the Vertex US sales rep to get the pump replaced since it is a warranty issue. My back up skimmer (the one I was replacing!) is not keeping up, and I have been watching my corals die slowly one by one.

    Pros: When it worked, it worked amazingly well!
    Cons: It has taken 6+ weeks to get a replacement pump since this is a warranty issue. I am not the first person to have this problem with the US sales rep (just look online!).
  • Great if you have the correct sump level By on 5/7/2014

    I bought this skimmer a week ago and just got it installed a few days ago.

    I have a Red Sea Max S 650 with the standard sump that it comes with. The water level in that sump is designed to be about 8". Well after the skimmer arrived I was reading the instructions they clearly state that you need a water level of 9"-10". Due to this disparity I've had a hard time getting the correct foam level in the skimmer.

    Now I may have to exchange this model for something that will work in shallower sumps.
  • Best money I've ever spent. By on 2/14/2014

    It's worth it. For years I thought that if I could just find the right maintenence schedule I could cheaply manage a sps heavy reef tank. It's not worth the hassle. If you want sps, you have to spend the money, and this is one of the first things you should get. This skimmer is outstanding.

    A tip: while reassembling the pump after cleaning, the bearing gasket would always pop off the bearing when I reinserted it. I have learned to use needle nose pliers to get the bearing into place (as is stated in the manual), but then use a long skinny screwdriver to push the gasket onto the bearing. Works every time.
  • Very nice but with a serious flaw to plan for By on 12/23/2013

    I have had it about 2 weeks. It works very well. It is much better than my old system. But.... When I assembled it I noticed that the hose tensions would make the gray and white intake pop out of the pump. I kept tinkering with it and trying it over and over. Finally I thought I had it where it would stay and if it popped out, I did not see any harm other than it would stop skimming. This was wrong. It fell out during the night. When it comes out, the volume of water the pump moves to the chamber is multiplied massively. The result was it filled up and lifted the lid. It then sprayed out like a sprinkler. It splashed beyond my sump but missed my auto top off kill switch. It kept spraying out and refilling the sump all night. It flooded the room and the salinity in my 180 gallon tank went down to 1.020. I had to remove and throw away the carpet and padding in the entire room. I have had it set up for 7 years without incident. Now I look at things differently. I recommend this skimmer but suggest taking the action I am. Glue the intake into the impeller housing. Bad things can happen if you don't.
  • Love the build and quality By on 9/8/2013

    Well the name says it all . Built to last love the pumps they are champs no issues in 4 years. Love the price compared to the units made in the same warehouse that cost a lot more. They skim and they never fail at least for me going on year 3 with this model on my 120 heavy stocked fish and sps and no issues. Buy it you won’t be disappointed . Now if we can get them to bundle it with the automatic neck cleaner for added discount instead of buying one separately by another maker that would make me A 5 star for sure.
  • BEST skimmer on the market By on 7/6/2013

    If you are running a reef tank with heavy fish load, you want this skimmer, as it will pull the proteins out of the water. More expensive than other options, but well worth the investment if you want the bets looking corals.
  • Well Worth the Price By on 6/16/2013

    Easy to adjust, works better than any skimmer I've had. You can feel the high quality construction as well as the red dragon pump is second to none.
  • great skimmer and well worth the price By on 1/25/2013

    this skimmer is well constructed. The red dragon pump is built like a tank and you can see and feel the quality. This skimmer works great as soon as you hook it up and is one of the best equipment purchases I made