Elos Spirulina Plus Fish Food

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Elos Spirulina Plus Fish Food

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  • over priced and doesn't sink By on 9/21/2017

    $13.50 for a little handful of food. Doesn't absorb water enough to sink and fish that normally eat anything in site would not even swallow it at all. ELOS needs to stay away from the food side of the house.
  • Not for systems with an overflow By on 6/11/2016

    It was not described as a floating food, I cannot get this stuff to sink at all. It just floats into the overflow and disappears. I wasted money. I hope the wild birds in my yard will like it.
  • Not for larger tanks this will be gone in a week By on 2/24/2016

    It might be good fish food for a 1 or 2 fish tank very small amount of food
  • Low Phosphate + Common Sense = Great Food By on 3/22/2013

    This food works great for me from my Eheim automatic feeder. The simple work around I employed to get around pellet size and make the food sink faster was to put it in a bullet blender and grind the pellets into a smaller size before I put it into the feeder. That takes about 30 seconds.

    I change my BRS standard GFO when my phosphates get above .03/.04. Before switching to this food, I would change my GFO about every 25 days. After switching to this food, I get about 30-33 days - an increase of 25% of usable time from the same amount of GFO. More usable time from my GFO = lower overall cost.
  • Great value food!! By on 7/31/2012

    I've been feeding Elos Spirulina for about a year and have a great response from the fishes. I place the pellets in a container with tank water for about 10 min prior to feed them and have to press the grains between my fingers to make it sink. That way the food doesn't get into the overflow.
    It's worthy!
    The fishes love it and I don't need to use too much of it to make them happy. The pellets inflates a little after hydrated. They get full and satisfied. Besides the nutrients.
    One of the main aspects is the fact of low phosphates. I have virtually no problem with algae when using the food!!

  • How to feed Elos Spirulina Plus By on 6/1/2012

    Feed less food because it's a big pellet!!
    I leave the food in a container with tank water for 10 minutes.
    Grab every single pellet between your fingers to remove air.
    Place food at once in the tank and watch the fish enjoy.
    This is the best food to offer if you want to avoid Phosphates in your tank and wants to help the need of your herbivores.

  • Not for small fish By on 6/29/2011

    I'm sure this food is good if my fish could eat it. This food does not sink, is extremely hard, and unlike the SVM2 product the granules are large. This results in most, if not all being skimmed out before it can be eaten. I would not recommend this food unless you have large fish that will eat from the surface.