JBJ Mini Arctica Chiller 1/15 HP

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JBJ Mini Arctica Chiller 1/15 HP

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  • Absolutely love it! By on 6/7/2017

    Purchased the 1/15 hp chiller for my IM nuvo 10 during the pre summer sale and i love the chiller. My tank was reaching 81 degrees and didn't want to have to hassle with the temperature fluctuations living on a second floor (in California so i run my chiller at 78 and have my cobalt heater come on at 76 degrees). I did have to take the calibration down one degree to match my heater and another temp probe i have in my tank.

    My chiller is set to 78 degrees so when it reaches 79 degrees is turns on (db meter level 38-40 with db meter pro in the app store) and takes the temperature down to 77 degrees. it is extremely quiet and my spinstream is louder than the chiller when it comes on. The chiller usually comes on 1-2 times per hour for about 10-15min.

    I use a sicce 1.0 to pump my chiller and bought the mini arnica plumbing kit off of marine depot (unfortunately lol) that came with everything pluming i needed. If BRS would have carried it i would have bought it here. Sorry BRS but thanks for all my other stuff!
  • Excellent product that exceeded expectations! By on 6/9/2015

    I got the 1/15 chiller for my reef tank about one month ago and have been incredibly happy with it! It is very quiet, compact and has a sturdy design. I keep it in my living room, where my tank is, and don't even notice it's running.

    My aquarium has about 55 gallons of water volume and the chiller has so far been able to pull down the temp 10 degrees from the ambient are temperature. It says it's rated for up to 40 gallons but from my experience it can handle more without issue.

    Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a chiller capable of handling 60 gallons or less.
  • Chiller works, extra hookup kit is pretty bad By on 12/31/2013

    I have the advanced LED 28gal JBJ nano and bought this chiller to keep it cool. The chiller does its job. It lets off a lot of heat, so think twice about putting it in you JBJ stand.

    The extra JBJ hookup kit that JBJ sells to hook it up to your aquarium is pretty bad. It doesnt really fit in the back of my particular aquarium and the plastic tubing is kinked.
  • Very Quiet By on 5/6/2013

    I used this unit on a Read Sea Max 130d. It works great, it is very quite and runs for 10 or 15 minutes and then shuts off, pretty good for the warm summers in Bakersfield.
  • Quiet and efficient By on 7/29/2011

    This guy effortlessly cools down our 30gal+sump seahorse system in the AZ summer. It's so quiet that I didn't think it was working at first. The only issue and it's really not that major is that we keep it set at 74 and it deviates +/- 1degree throughout the day. Took 3 minutes to set up. We use a maxijet 600 for it.
  • Great System By on 3/22/2011

    I have used this chiller for Four years now..It keeps up with the heat load on my 28 Gallon HQI Nano-Cube.. I had to replace the control From analog to digital..The Analog bord went out about three years into it.. But other then that no complantes at all. Great System.. Verry quite.. The Chiar i sit in to watch Tv is about six inches away and cant hear it come on or run most of time...