Mur-lok Elbow Check Valve 1/8" Male NPT x 1/4" Push Connect

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Mur-lok Elbow Check Valve 1/8" Male NPT x 1/4" Push Connect

SKU: 200801
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  • No substitutes By on 7/17/2016

    This piece snapped in two on my RODI. I do not know why. There is no explanation. Regardless, I tried to find a substitute at the local big box hardware store. I found a piece that looked similar and fit but it didn't have the valve that this piece has. I should have just saved my money and bought this in the first place. Live and learn.
  • Evident Quality By on 4/2/2016

    When I received these check valves I gave them a good inspection and was happy with what I observed: Good machining on the threads, good material selection, good operating characheristics.
  • Works but noisy By on 5/21/2014

    Bought one of these to replace the one I got from Kent marine in my auto shut off kit.
    I have to say that it does the job of restricting flow to one direction and I have not had any problems so far with its function. The problem that I do have with it is, that it is noisy. When in use and the water is flowing through the check valve the check valve make a high pitched vibration noise. My RODI is in my garage and I don't hear it unless I am out there so it is not a big deal. I am not sure why or if it is a sign that it will prematurely fail but I am going to get a backup just in case.
  • Perfect as described By on 4/2/2014

    Fits membrane perfectly, plus the price is right.
  • well worth the price By on 3/6/2013

    it is a good part
  • Easy Install By on 12/9/2012

    Bought a RO/DI system from BRS and it arrived with one broken fitting. Customer service was great shipped me this replacement quickly and I installed with no problems.
  • If you buy a RO membrane housing you will need these. By on 12/9/2012

    If you go to home depo or lowes, the ones they carry look just like this "BUT" they don't fit on the side with the dual fitting on the housing. They are 1/8 too long and hit each other when you try to thread them in So you'll come back here to order the correct one's Plus this one has a check, that's for the processed water so it doesn't back up into the membrane.
  • Simple Fix By on 6/13/2011

    Bought one of these to replace the one on the output side of my RO membrane that was failing. Simple to install and works great. If your auto shutoff on your RO filter suddenly stops working, and your waste water line starts constantly running this could be the problem. You can test the old one by removing it and blowing air through it with you mouth. It should not blow backwards (into the ro membrane) but should blow out of the membrane only. If it blows both directions replace it with one of these and you'll be back in business.