Titanium Heating System with JBJ TRUE TEMP Digital Controller

Titanium Heater with JBJ True Temp Digital Controller
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  • Titanium Heater with JBJ True Temp Digital Controller

Titanium Heating System with JBJ TRUE TEMP Digital Controller

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150W - True Temp Titanium Heating System
SKU: 206104
300W - True Temp Titanium Heating System
SKU: 206105
500W - True Temp Titanium Heating System
SKU: 206106
800W - True Temp Titanium Heating System
SKU: 206107
1000W - True Temp Titanium Heating System
SKU: 206108
  • Works Great!!! By on 12/22/2016

    I have been using this temp controller for a little over a year. It has performed very well and maintained great consistency. When working with salt water aquariums consistency is the most important consideration to be made. Slow and steady the only things that happens fast is bad things
  • Happy enough that I just bought another! By on 11/27/2016

    I've had the 300 watt unit on a 68 gal reef set up for just over 3 years without issue. Didn't give it 5 stars only because it's not exact to the the tenth of a degree of the setting but otherwise easy to use and to read.
  • Been in operation since 2010. By on 5/1/2016

    I have the 300W - True Temp Titanium Heating System. It has been in my tank working since 2010. No problems. I can't say how good the controller is because about two years after purchase I started using the Apex aquarium controller. The controller that came with the heater never failed.
  • Going since 2009 By on 4/2/2016

    I've had this unit since 2009 without a single issue. Not sure if quality has gone down since then but from my standpoint I would buy another in the future.
  • 3 years By on 2/25/2016

    I have waited nearly 3 years to write this review. After reading bad reviews of this heater, I decided to see how long she lasted before reviewing. She's still going strong. I purchased this heater in august of 2013. When I first set up my 100 gallon tank. I placed the heating element in my sump with heat sensor probe up stream. Im at 2.5 years and not so much as a single problem. Holds the temp perfect within 3 degrees. I have it on a apex controller with redundant heat sensor in case i fails in the on position, so it is esentially powered on and off entirely as I do not rely on the single controller it comes with. I cannot speak on the controller that is provided. However, the element has never failed me. Excellent product. Highly recommend. On a side not, I have excellent grown. I keep sis, ops and several fish. Inclduding elegance. Take care of it and it takes care of you.

    Pay attention to the bad reviews. They are there for a reason. If you want a heater with the lifespan of 6 months to a year, then buy this product! I've now owned 3, and I will never purchase another JBJ product ever again. 2 of the controllers have died on my inside of a year. And one heating element died right on the 12 month mark. These are crucial pieces of equipment in an aquarium, and a company that has been in operation for years still can't make one work for longer than a year. Pathetic really. Considering you pay an absolute premium for this heater and controller.... don't bother! One controller actually leaked voltage into my sump and shocked me HARD. Terrible product, terrible customer service and would never recommend these to anyone.
  • The best controller By on 1/3/2016

    I have had this controller running for over a year without any problems.
  • Great features, no issues By on 1/2/2016

    I haven't had the issues others have described, but I do have an Apex to protect me in case something goes wrong. It has really good features and does a good 3 degree fluctuation in my 100 gallon tank. I own the 500W version.
  • Broke in less than a month By on 4/16/2015

    I purchased this heater and it lasted about three weeks. Unfortunately I owned it for too long before I actually tried it to return it. I would not buy this heater.
  • ok heater By on 8/23/2014

    I have ran this heater for a long time at least 3 years I will only run with a renco controller powering it