Deluxe Madison Float Switch - Vertical Mount - Without Nut

Deluxe Madison Float Switch
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Deluxe Madison Float Switch - Vertical Mount - Without Nut

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  • No nut, no sale By on 2/29/2016

    This does not include the nut. Some have stated that we need to go buy a PVC coupler of the correct size to fit this. That's great. Do you know what would be better? INCLUDE ONE WITH THE SWITCH! BRS is not the place to buy your switches.
  • Float Switch By on 2/18/2015

    Very nice switch, float is heavy and works very smoothly. I would agree that they need to include the nut. Hard to find the 1/8" NPT tap as it would be easier to drill a hole and secure with nut
  • Proper mounting By on 1/25/2015

    Most of the people using this completly missed the proper way you mount this. What you want to do is use a pvc pipe coupler and nipple on the thread. What this does is to seal the wire so over time water does not leak into the reed switch.
  • Do NOT get this if you don't have a nut!!!!!!!! By on 3/12/2014

    As I and others have mentioned, these do not come with a nut. I have looked at 4 hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and a plumbing supply outlet, and NOBODY carries a nylon ⅛" female NPT fitting!

    The switch may work fine but is basically unusable because I can't attach it to anything.
  • Where's the nut? By on 2/12/2014

    This switch works well, exactly as advertised. Like others, I wish it would come with a nut. The only FPT fitting I can find is brass, which is unacceptable for a reef tank. Even a link on where to find one would be helpful.
  • extremely reliable By on 6/27/2013

    I have used several to measure water levels for a Neptune ACIII for a few years without issue. Other reviewers have noted that these do not come with a nut. This is because they do not understand NPT (national pipe thread) vs. straight thread standards (such as machine screw or bolt threads).
    NPT threads are used with pipe fittings; they are tapered, and are designed to seal when screwed into a mating fitting without requiring a nut. As such, these switches attach to a 1/8" NPT female connection.
  • Make sure you can find the nut first By on 5/5/2013

    This seems like a nice switch. It's bigger than most but the deal breaker is the not included mounting nut. Since BRS and even the manufacturer don't sell the nuts it should have made me suspicious. Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Amazon and even Fastenal don't have the nuts either. So I'm forced to return mine.
  • Nice switch, does the job. Easy to install. By on 2/7/2012

    The switch is great. I put my ATO together in a couple of hours and it works well. The switch is smooth and doesn't stick. I just wish it had a nut at the top to help mounting it to the rack.