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    Replacement Dosing Pump Motor for Kamoer WiFi Dosing Pump Systems

    Kamoer spare replacement motors are made of high quality materials that last a long time, but there are instances that they could fail and having an extra on hand will allow you to replace the dead motor making your Kamoer Dosing Pump like new again. 


    Replacing the pump does take a few minutes but it is really not all that hard to replace. You will want to start by removing the dosing head assembly, and then removing the soft rubber feet on the bottom of the Kamoer Dosing Pump will give you access to the four screws that is holding the body together. Remove the 4 screws and with the dosing system upside down, gently pry the two halfs apart exposing the internals of the pump. After the body is seperated you will need to remove the two small screws on the face of the dosing pump that holds the motor in place, and then disconnect the wiring for that indvidual pump. Installing the new pump is the exact same as removing the old one, just in reverse order. 


    What's Included?

    1x Replacement Kamoer Dosing Pump Motor

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