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    Replacement Dosing Pump Head Assembly for Kamoer WiFi Dosing Pump Systems. Keep an extra on hand and whenever one fails or starts to spin a little slower that is a great time to replace the individual head.


    Dosing pump heads do not last forever, and on average, the Kamoer Dosing Pump heads can last up to 2000 hours of run time. After that, there is a good chance that the lubricant on the tube and rollers will start to dissipate and cause more resistance and wear for the motor driving that channel. Maintaining the heads on the dosing system will help keep the motors running longer while providing more precise dosing. 


    Replacing the head only takes a few seconds, and start by removing the input and output dosing tube from the head that needs to be replaced. Then by pinching the tabs at the base of the head, you can pull it away from the dosing pump body. Inserting the new one is just as easy, slide it over the motor spindle until it clicks into place, then reattach the dosing tubes and you are ready to go. 


    What's Included?

    1x Replacement X4 Kamoer Dosing Pump Head

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