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    Regenerates up to 1,500 ml total of Brightwell Aquatics PhosphātR regenerable phosphate-adsorption resin.


    • 175 ml size 8 times
    • 250 ml size 6 times
    • 500 ml size 3 times


    Instructions and Guidelines

    Regeneration MUST be performed in a vessel outside of the aquarium; failure to follow this guideline will result in changes to aquarium water chemistry that can be extremely harmful, if not fatal, to aquarium inhabitants. The solution that is made by following the instructions below has a relatively high pH and should be handled carefully. It is strongly recommended that protective eyewear and rubber gloves be worn as a precautionary measure.

    For each 250 ml of resin to be regenerated:

    • In a clean 1-gallon bucket or pail, thoroughly mix 200 g (~¾ cup) RegenerātPHOR with ½ gallon hot tapwater.
    • Next, slowly pour the RegenerātPHOR solution through the resin; the size of the hole through which the solution drains will help regulate the time of reaction with the resin (smaller is better).
    • Discard solution once it has passed through the resin.
    • Rinse the media using twice the volume of purified water for the RegenerātPHOR solution used.
    • Discard rinse water.

    Regeneration efficiency is directly related to reaction time between the resultant solution and the PhosphātR resin. The ideal set-up for regeneration is to place resin inside a mesh bag (if not already in one) and place the bag inside the mouth of a large funnel; funnel size must be large enough to contain entire bag and contents. Alternately, an empty ½ gallon LDPE plastic milk jug can be used by cutting off the bottom, placing a small hole in the cap, screwing the cap on tightly, turning the jug upside down, and placing the bag of resin inside the large opening.  The PhosphātR resin must be thoroughly rinsed with purified water before resuming use in an aquarium. Once the PhosphātR resin has been rinsed, it is once again ready for use in an aquarium system as instructed on the PhosphātR label.


    • PhosphātR phosphate-adsorption capability will decrease with each use; once the resin has been regenerated five times, it is essentially exhausted and should be replaced.
    • Do not replace PhosphātR resin inside aquarium system following regeneration until it has been rinsed according to instuctions above; failure to do so may impact the pH of the aquarium and cause severe stress to inhabitants.
    • Regeneration potential is not increased by recirculating the same solution through the resin for an extended period of time; it is, however, increased if doubling the volume of solution used (e.g., employing 1 gallon of solution rather than ½ gallon for every 250 ml of resin to be regenerated; in this case, simply prepare 1 gallon of solution according to the instructions above).

    Caution: Contains carbonate salts; harmful if swallowed. If swallowed: give water, get medical attention. May cause eye or skin irritation. If in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes, get medical attention. If on skin, wash thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

    Inorganic salts of carbonate and chloride

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