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    …Conductivity Meters are ideal for many different water applications like reverse osmosis water purity, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, more. The large LCD display lets you quickly see the conductivity reading along with the temperature of the water. Along with a waterproof housing and the large…

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    Ideal for all liquid pH testing applications. Great for checking tap water and product water from your RO/DI system. Also works well for testing system water in hydroponics, aquaculture systems, labs & scientific testing environments, pools, and much more. Features: Measures pH and Temperature…

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    …residential, designed for commercial/industrial Electrical Conductivity readings in water are a great way to measure the purity, or the concentration of a solution. The HM Digital DM-2EC is great for almost all water filtration systems, especially Reverse Osmosis Deionization systems where two…

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    Quickly and accurately get a digital readout of the salinity and temperature of your aquarium water. Seawater contains a variety of elements that will contribute to the overall specific gravity of the water. Many digital salinity meters are calibrated to read a sodium chloride only or brine solution…

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