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    Replacement Fleece Rolls for Trigger Systems Platinum Sumps. Trigger's Fleece is a direct replacement to what was included with your Platinum Sump. On average reefers are finding that the fleece will last between 2 and 6 months depending on the bio-load, feeding habits, and other filtration…

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    …drop-in fleece holder, top rollers to guide the fleece, and a fleece removal tool for seamless operation. ClariSea fleece filters automatically remove particulates from your water that would normally turn into nitrates and phosphates. Perfect for reef aquariums, the SK-3000 Automatic Filter System

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    …Phosphate free fleece material Special low-odor fleece material Integrated fail-safe overflow Silencer plates for quiet operation Water bypass system *New Features Unique to Gen 3* Pre-assembled body Upgraded motor Quick-release silencer plates Top rollers with fleece guide Drop-in fleece holder…

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    …entering its internal chamber, then filtered through the exposed fleece. As water passes the filter fleece begins to clog with detritus, uneaten food, organic waste, etc., the water will rise within the AF-1`s chamber, triggering the water level switch for the motor to wind on the filter roll to…

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