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    …Red Sea Trace Colors C (Iron/Complementary Trace Elements) - 100 mL Red Sea Trace Colors C contains iron and complementary trace element complex to help promote the green colors in corals. 1 mL will raise the Iron level of 25 gallons (100 liters) by 0.02ppm. Red Sea Trace Colors D (Trace Element…

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    …of algae nutrient (nitrate and phosphate) levels. kH Coralline Gro: A concentrated marine buffer complex, fortified with the specific minor and trace elements that promote the growth of coralline algae and other beneficial micro-fauna. Bacto-Start: A balanced blend of nitrogen and phosphorus…

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    Dosing trace elements cannot get any easier than the Reef Foundation System. Red Sea uses a very easy to follow, systematic approach to maintaining what your corals need to grow. Package Contains: 250mL Reef Foundation A (Ca,Sr) 250mL Reef Foundation B (Alk) 250mL Reef Foundation C (Mg) Red Sea's…

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