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    PINPOINT Probe Storage Fluid 60mL will keep your pH and ORP/REDUX electrodes moist and extend their useful life.

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    …Keeping your probes calibrated will lead to more reliable readings allowing you to know exactly what is going on with your pH. Pinpoint recommends all electronic pH instruments should be calibrated monthly. Compatible with all pH meters and probes. Pinpoint High Precision pH Calibration Solution…

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    The PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe was designed specifically with aquariums in mind. It features long continuous duty life expectancy, fast response and is non-toxic to aquarium systems. Features 10ft cable with high interference suppression jacket Ag-AgCl reference 99.9% pure platinum Note:…

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    …Junction Probes are designed to last! What's Included? 1x BRS Single Junction pH Probe *Calibration solutions sold separately PINPOINT pH High Precision Calibration Fluid - American Marine Inc Milwaukee pH Calibration Fluid - Single Use Packet 10.00 pH Calibration Fluid - Neptune Systems 7.00 pH

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