Orp Calibration Fluid

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    …every 30-60 days. ORP probes are calibrated against a carefully calibrated standard. Regularly calibrating your Redox/ORP probe with the 220 mV calibration solution will ensure that your probe is delivering accurate and stable readings. Whats Included? 1x 220 mV Redox (ORP) Calibration Solution (50…

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    …400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid contains a precise 400mV measurement of calibration solution. Occasional retesting with this fluid will keep PINPOINT ORP/REDOX probes accurate as well as help determine if the probe is ready for replacement. PINPOINT 400 ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid is sold in a…

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    …with all temp, pH, conductivity and ORP probes including Neptune Apex Temperature Probe Magnetically mounts to Glass or Acrylic up to 8mm (0.30") The magnetic coupled, padded holder will allow you to easily maintain your probes for cleaning and calibration, without having to mess with finicky thumb…

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