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    Create fully customized LED lighting for your reef aquarium with Aquatic Lifes new Coral Cover fixture. The Coral Cover Hybrid allows you to combine adjustable blue and purple fill lighting with your favorite LED fixture(s) to achieve even spread, reduced shadowing, and enhanced color pop in your…

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    …Construction Kessil A360X Tuna Blue We have found the Kessil LEDs to be a natural pairing for hybrid lighting systems. Kessil A360X LED lights cover more of your tank while blending better than almost any other LED available. Using Kessil Logic, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and…

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    …own custom in just a few minutes. Once you get connected a whole slew of additional features can be unlocked, such as a 28-day lunar cycle, cloud cover effects, and also staggered sunrise and sunset times that are super easy to program. Peace of Mind Lunar Cycles Acclimation Mode Weekly Schedules…

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    …Download the Mobius App: Coverage: Maximum Spread -32" x 32" Recommended Spread -24" x 24" Multiple modules can be used and are recommended to cover larger tanks LED Details 6x Cool White 40x Royal Blue 24x Blue 2x Photo Red 4x Lime 4x UV (405nm) 4x UV (415nm) 6x Violet 10x Cyan 2x Lunar Light…

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    …tighten the set screw, hand tighten only). One of the biggest issues with mounting lights can be wire management, and the Flex Arm even has that covered, supplying clips that can attach directly to the Flex Arm and secure the power cord for the Prime LED, keeping things neat and clean. Easy…

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