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    …without an Auto Shut Off Valve - The solenoid valve should be placed between your RO/DI systems pre-filters and the membrane. It is important to place the solenoid after sediment filters, or even better after carbon blocks to remove any particulates that could clog the solenoid valve. Installing the…

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    …90 PSI may cause damage to the RO/DI units filters and components. *DOW Filmtec 100 GPD Membranes have a 96% - 98% typical stabilized salt rejection rate that can be reproduced through the following conditions; Source Water Pressure - 50 PSI / Membrane (65 PSI for Water Saver systems) Source Water…

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    membrane. The higher your membranes rejection rate the fewer TDS your product water will contain resulting in longer lasting resin. The best way to keep the membrane rejection rate up is to monitor and change your prefilters appropriately as well as maintain at least 50psi going into the membrane.

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    …disinfectants used depending on the season. With simple low cost, quick, and easy to use test strips that give reliable readings, every RODI system that filters city water should not be without them. Free and Total Chlorine with test strips from LaMotte. These test strips are used to identify if you…

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