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    …can customize the brightness and tweak your Reef Brite LED lights to match your tanks desires perfectly. Two Models Available: Single Channel Interface - Controls one Reef Brite LED strip Dual Channel Interface - Controls up to two Reef Brite LED strips What's Included? 1x Control Interface Module

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    …Quad LED Hybrid Light Kits. The X-Series LED Bracket Kit inclues all of the necessary hardware to add additional primary LED fixtures to your hybrid light setup. Compatible with both dual and quad X-Series LED light fixtures. Each light bracket is able to support a single Kessil A360 or A360X LED

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    LED Flashlight can let you see what the corals actually have to offer. Great for photography Aids in pest and parasite hunting Portable for frag swaps or local fish stores Can be used with the aquarium lights on or off Shows off corals true bioluminescence What's Included? 1x Polyplab Scope Blue LED

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    …36 x 24 LEDs: 216 (108 per panel) LED Power Consumption: 108 watts LED Cord Length (to power supply): 9.3 ft (x2) Power Cord Length: 3.9 ft (x2) LED Distribution 450 nm: 84 472 nm: 60 525 nm: 48 620 nm: 24 Whats Included? 1 x 36 Inch Coral Cover Hybrid LED Fixture 2 x LED Panels 2 x LED Rails 2 x…

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    …and renowned hobbyists on the subject of LED lighting and your corals. We target both chlorophyll and the accessory proteins in coral tissues which aide in growth and color. Our layout is one of the best around and has been for years! We kept the same LED layout for the Photon V2 Pros. If you…

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    …high-performance LED reflectors maximize light delivery and minimize the unwanted disco-ball effect common to LED light sources. The tightly packed LEDs inside each cluster, combined with the LED reflector provides optimal color blending on all channels. In a single Mitras LX cluster, all 12 LEDs

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    …new fixtures.The incorporation of more LEDs results in a more targeted full-spectrum, TIR lensesshape the lights output and improve its efficiency. The result is more color POP as wellas a slightly wider output area and higher average PAR. A combination LED placementand lens geometry blend the light…

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    …while still producing a balanced spectrum helping promote greater growth and enhanced coloration. Kessil A360X LED lights cover more of your tank while blending better than almost any other LED available. Using Kessil Logic, tuning the light for optimal plant growth and coloration is easy since the…

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    AquaMaxx Prism II LED Light Fixture 24-36 Inch - Marine Thinner. Lighter. Smarter. The new thinner and lighter AquaMaxx Prism II controllable full HD spectrum LED fixture is created from 100% recycled aluminum. Its brushed silver, ultra-slim profile design gives it an aesthetic edge over the…

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    …6.3" x 8.66" Volume: 19.02 gallons (72 liters) Material: Rigid PVC & Plexiglass Thickness: 8mm LED Strip Power: <5 watts LED Waterproof Rating: IP68 Power Supply: 110 volts / AC to 12V / DC Cable Length: 3ft (1 meter) LED Color: RGB (Remote Included) Whats Included? 19 gallon Dreambox Water Tank

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    …7.09" x 16.93" Volume: 25 gallons (95 liters) Material: Rigid PVC & Plexiglass Thickness: 8mm LED Strip Power: <5 watts LED Waterproof Rating: IP68 Power Supply: 110 volts / AC to 12V / DC Cable Length: 3ft (1 meter) LED Color: RGB (Remote Included) Whats Included? 25 gallon Dreambox Water Tank

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    …Multi-Light Radion Mounting System - Slide Mount The Multi-Light RMS is a modular and customizable Radion LED mounting solution for the XR15 and XR30 systems.The RMS Slide Mounts connect your Radion LED to the RMS Track and allow for easy positioning anywhere along the track. The Radion Slide Mount…

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    …creating a 4 or even 6 bulb fixture. Each Supra Dual Fixture has a space between each bulb, that is perfectly sized for Reef Brite's Tech LED or Reef Brite's XHO LED for supplemental lighting (sold separately). High-quality aluminum reflectors Reflectors can be rotated individually Energy efficient…

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    …adjustability is to hang them. The HMS Hanging kit was specifically designed to work with the HMS Multi Light Track letting you hang multiple Hydra LED fixtures with a single hanging kit. HMS Mounting System Components: HMS Multi Light Mount Kit - Includes vertical HMS rails and mounting feet that…

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    …adjustablefrom 1,057 to 2,642 GPH Quiet operation with Sine Wave Technology Fittings are compatible with standard tubing sizes Pump controller with LED display 20 flow speed settings 3 feed mode durations (10, 20 or 30 minutes) 2 pulsing modes Pump Specifications Operation: Submersible Only Min/Max…

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    …program on opposite schedules eFlux Accessory Wave Pumps make it easy to add-on an additional wave pump to any eFlux wave pump kit or Orbit IC LED light with LOOP controller. The eFlux accessory wave pump includes: eFlux wave pump with magnetic swivel bracket, protective cable guard, foam pre-filter…

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    …Finnex HC-810M Controller to prevent temperature catastrophes in your tank. Features Precise digital control of aquarium temperature Easy-to-read LED display Adjustable high & low temperature settings with audio alerts Dual-relay protection Memory-equipped controller resumes preset settings…

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    …of up to 7 day cycles. Soft power up Zero power crossing switch provides a spike-free ON/OFF relay control to prolong your appliance usage life LEDs illuminate the large LCD display Multi-event 7 day/24 hour timer Easy to program P3 International makes high-quality electronic monitoring and…

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