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    The HydroTote is a collapsible water jug that can hold either 2.5 or 5 US gallons of liquid. These collapsing jugs are an excellent alternative to 5 gallon buckets for storing or transporting RO/DI and premixed saltwater. Whether youre hauling water home from your local fish store or bringing water…

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    …or mix the water while the dry powder is being added to help it dissolve faster. After the entire contents of Component 1 have been added, top the jug off with RO/DI water, give it a quick shake, and let it sit until the solution becomes fully dissolved. Repeat the instructions above with separate…

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    …chamber for convenient dispensing 5 Sizes Available 8oz Standard Bottle 16oz Standard Bottle 32oz Standard Bottle 64Standard Bottle 2.5 Gallon Bulk Jug in Box Hydroplex removes the damaging parasites and also helps to heal open wounds. It can be used at a lower dose in hospital and quarantine tanks…

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    …1x BRS 7lb Bulk Pharma Soda Ash 1x BRS7lb Bulk Pharma Magnesium Chloride 1x BRS 7lb Bulk Pharma Magnesium Sulfate 3x BRS One Gallon Mixing Jugs with Caps- Jug color may vary between translucent and opaque white 2x 1oz Dispensing Pumps 2x 100mL Measuring Cups 1x 100mm Funnel 2x BRS 1.1 mL 2-Part…

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