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Heater Temperature Control

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    …The easy to program temperature controller lets you connect up to two heaters to keep your aquarium's temperature super stable. The dual-screen LCD display lets you easily see the controller's setpoint along with the actual temperature of the aquarium. Programming the controller only takes a minute…

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    …Digital Heater Controller Easy to Use Large LED Display with accurate digital controllers. Easy push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy. Compatibility Plug any heater up to 1000 W maximum load into the controller. Cross Reference Cross reference temperature abilities…

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    …the freshly made seawater to mix for 24 hours with a submersible powerhead or pump. Ensure that the water temperature matches that of the established aquarium (use a submersible heater if necessary). Allow water to mix, preferably while being aerated, until pH becomes completely stable, indicating…

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    …a life-time of operation. How to Control the Temperature? A heater is only as good as the controller telling it when to turn on and off. The BRS Titanium Heater Elements require a temperature controller to monitor your tank's temperature, and power the heaters on and off as needed. We really like…

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    …with any type of temperature control. We suggest an external heater controller like the Finnex HC-810M or Ink Bird Wifi Aquarium Heater Controller, or an aquarium controller such as the Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller. Any temperature control device will work, the heaters only require a…

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