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    …Package is the perfect answer if you want to make your own 2-part liquid dosing solutions and start dosing. Easily make single or multiple gallons of each solution at a time with the bulk packaging. The kits include everything you will need to replenish calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium…

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    …foods, dose liquid additives, and know if a flood ever happens with the Apex Controller upgrade kit! Kit Includes: 1x DoS Fluid Metering Module 1x Automatic Feeding System (AFS) 1x Leak Detection Kit (LDK) DoS Fluid Metering Module The Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System is one of the smartest dosing

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    …your corals are going to need. Dosing Core7 Base Elements We highly suggest using Triton ICP-OES testing to establish a baseline, and for dosing recommendations. Prior to dosing your aquarium's alkalinity should be adjusted to 8 dKH. As a baseline starting dose, Triton recommends 2mL of each…

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    Simplify your success and replicate the BRS 160 KZ dosing combination. Korallen-Zucht has a proven track-record of success with their system, but with such a wide array of additives, it can be intimidating and confusing trying to figure out which ones to use. With the BRS 160 KZ Coral Bundle, weve…

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    …problem. By clicking on the Help and Dose tabs, they will advise how to correct the problem along with the solution and volume needed to be dosed. Instructions:By using Triton ICP-OES testing you will be able to know which elements are low or high, and with the dose report that comes with the test…

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    …1: Dose Re-Fresh to your tank at a rate of 5 ml per 10 gallons, then wait 48 hours. Day 3: Treat with a full dose of Re-Fresh again. Wait 48 hours. Day 5: If Cyanobacteria are noticeably disappearing, begin dosing Waste-Away. We STRONGLY suggest you start with 1/4 (or less) of the normal dose. Turn…

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    …Test Kit provides a tool to monitor and control the balance of key nutrients that influence bacteria and algae growth and keep your corals alive. Using Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus* (N/C/P) to manage your input of carbon and amino acid sources, you can eliminate problems caused by blind dosing.

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    …increased sensitivity in measurement can help you identify and be alerted of changes in evaporation, consumption, and dosing levels within sumps, ATO reservoirs, AIO tanks, dosing containers, mixing stations, and more. The Apex can then be set to send alerts or to take action whenever the liquid…

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    …longer visible. Product is now ready for use. How to Use Siphon out as many flatworms as possible before dosing. Add 4 drops of Flatworm Rx for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water. Do not dose more than one treatment in a 24-hour period. For best results, add in high flow areas one drop at a…

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