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    447 µS Conductivity Calibration Solution - Use this calibration solution to calibrate your Conductivity Probe and PM2 module for RO/DI water quality and other freshwater applications. Conductivity probes can be used for many different functions from letting you know the salinity of a tank to…

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    Know Your Flow! 1/4" Flow Sensor for the Fluid Metering Module from Neptune. The FS-25 will work with flow rates from 3-12 gph, and will connect to any standard 1/4" push connect tubing. Usually used with a return pump, this flow sensor can be placed in line with the flow on any pipe, connected to…

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    Ideal for all liquid pH testing applications. Great for checking tap water and product water from your RO/DI system. Also works well for testing system water in hydroponics, aquaculture systems, labs & scientific testing environments, pools, and much more. Features: Measures pH and Temperature…

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    …probes. The result is that each input provides digital galvanic isolation from the rest of the system, preventing any interference with other accessories (such as motors and pumps) connected to the system. Digital Galvanic isolation preserves the accuracy of the measurement by converting the signal…

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    …of disinfectants used depending on the season. With simple low cost, quick, and easy to use test strips that give reliable readings, every RODI system that filters city water should not be without them. Free and Total Chlorine with test strips from LaMotte. These test strips are used to identify…

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    The HYDROS Dual Inline TDS Sensor is a small and easy-to-use device for monitoring the water quality of your RO/DI system. Its corrosion-resistant titanium sensors will provide years of trouble-free readouts, which can easily be tracked and recorded with the HYDROS App. This handy TDS meter plugs…

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    …from carrying on normal respiration. High levels of ammonia quickly lead to fish death. Even trace amounts stress fish, suppressing their immune system and thereby increasing the likelihood of disease outbreaks and subsequent fish loss.Testing Tips:This salicylate based ammonia test kit reads the…

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