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    This Corrosion Resistant AquaSaw is designed for use with salt water and is generally used to cut corals. It is based upon the regular C-40, but has improvements designed to reduce maintenance when the saw is used in a corrosive environment, such as with salt water. The XL version of this saw adds…

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    ….280" deep The blade on the Gryphon AquaSaw can become dull over time generating much more heat and taking a lot longer to make cuts. By simply replacing the blade your AquaSaw will function just like new again in a matter of minutes. XL Replacement Saw Blade will work with Gryphon XL AquaSaw only.

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    …large reservoir for water conveniently located under the work service. No belts or pulleys - Direct Drive. Replacement blades available Gryphon AquaSaw Diamond Band Frag Saw - Model C-40 Motor: 1/3 hp Direct Drive DC Maximum Clearance: 2.5" (3.75" with Upper Guide Removed) Overall Height - 17" Blade…

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    Replace the blade on your Gryphon Aquasaw C-40. This is the same diamond blade that was originally supplied with your saw. Stainless steel 37" circumference .020" wide .280" deep

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