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    Aquaforest Reef Salt is a synthetic marine salt designed specifically for aquacultured corals. The formula contains micro and macro nutrients necessary for proper coral growth and pigmentation, along with amino acids and Vitamin C for immune support. Ideal for soft corals, SPS corals, LPS corals,…

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    Aquaforest Power Elixir is a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins essential to coral growth and coloration. Amino acids, being the building blocks of proteins, provide corals with nutrients to build skeleton structures, develop new tissue, or perform metabolic activities. Therefore, amino

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    …feed for small marine fish Best for finicky fish High in pure calanus content; rich in amino acids Easy to attach and access clip Rich in Omega acids High levels of EPA, DHA, SDA, and algae fatty acids Aquaforest Calanidae Clip is a nutritious calunus-based food that can be hung in any place around…

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