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    The Aquaforest Starter Pack contains everything you need to set up a new reef aquarium. Designed to be an easy introduction to the comprehensive Aquaforest system, the kit includes salt mix, filter media, biofiltration, test kits, and additives that will help get your tank up and running quickly and…

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    Aquaforest Power Elixir is a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins essential to coral growth and coloration. Amino acids, being the building blocks of proteins, provide corals with nutrients to build skeleton structures, develop new tissue, or perform metabolic activities. Therefore, amino

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    …nitrates while preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the reef tank. Contains Amino Acids Probiotic Bacteria Reduces Phosphate and Nitrate Dissolves quickly Can use immediately after mixing Aquaforest's Probiotic Reef Salt is an entirely synthetic salt that is designed for corals but will…

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