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    …of NO3/PO4. NO3 > 10 ppm & PO4 > 0.2 ppm ------ Dose 3mL per 100L aquarium water NO3 2-10 ppm & PO4 0.1-0.2 ppm ------ Dose 2-2.5mL per 100L aquarium water NO3 0.03 ppm ------ Dose 1.5mL per 100L aquarium water NO2 < 2 ppm & PO4 < 0.03 ppm ------ Dose 1mL per 100L aquarium water

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    …entire range of Aquaforest products ensures effectiveness and guarantees the chemical balance in the aquarium. The amount of microelements fed depends on the individual needs of the aquarium for magnesium and calcium. Components Strong comes as a set of solutions that cant be purchased separately.…

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    …composed of carefully selected bacteria in an effort to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphates in the reef aquarium. It is highly recommended for seasoned aquarists that understand basic aquarium chemistry since it will be creating an ultra low nutrient system (ULNS). A powerful protein skimmer,…

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    …& other filter feeders Dosing Instructions: Dosing will vary per your aquariums demand for trace elements. For an average reef tank, the starting dose will be around 50 mL for every 100 liters (27 gal) of aquarium water (per component every day). We suggest testing your calcium, alkalinity,…

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