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    AF Purify is a professional formula for boosting the immune systems of fish during bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. It is especially beneficial for aquariums that struggle with fishpox, and can also be helpful during recovery from thrush and in nursing fish. For freshwater aquariums

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    …cleanse the surfaces of new or infected corals prior to introducing them into your aquarium. The bathing process ensures healthy appearance, growth and development of corals. Ideal for saltwater aquariums, SPS corals, and LPS corals Disinfecting solution for quarantine or introducing new corals…

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    Aquaforest Sea Salt mix is ideal for marine aquariums containing fish and less delicate corals and invertebrates. AF salt mixes are prepared from carefully selected raw components in quantities and tested to ensure consistent composition. Synthetic marine salt for saltwater fish, hardy corals and…

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    …composed of carefully selected bacteria in an effort to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphates in the reef aquarium. It is highly recommended for seasoned aquarists that understand basic aquarium chemistry since it will be creating an ultra low nutrient system (ULNS). A powerful protein skimmer,…

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    …with amino acids and Vitamin C for immune support. Ideal for soft corals, SPS corals, LPS corals, and clams Fully synthetic marine salt for reef aquariums Laboratory-guaranteed stable parameters Proven results on a variety of coral species Enriched with amino acids and Vitamin C Available in Six…

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