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    …1200-2400 LPH / 42-84 SCFH* Power Consumption: 35-70W Voltage: DC 36V *Aquarium set up will determine air and water results. What's Included? Regal 250SSS INT Protein Skimmer VarioS-6 S Pinwheel Pump VarioS Control Unit Skimmer Cup Float Switch Output Gate Valve Available Accessories Neck Cleaner:…

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    …reached a high or low water level. Ideal Replacement Skimmer Pump for: Classic 250INT REGAL 220INT REGAL 220SSS REGAL 250EXT REGAL 250INT REGAL 250SSS REGAL 300EXT REGAL 300INT REGAL 300SSS SRO 5000INT SRO 5000EXT* SRO 6000EXT* *Additional Parts Required Efficient - Safe - Reliable 5 Flow Settings…

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