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    Overview Ionic silica solution for enhancing growth rates of sponges and gastropods. 1 drop per gallon of water increases ionic silica concentration by ~0.20 ppm. May be employed in silica-limited systems stocked with sponges to improve water quality by increasing the rate of natural latent organic…

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    …free iodine (i.e. that which is not in an ionic form, such as iodide or iodate, or in a bound form). Observe aquarium livestock for no less than 15 minutes thereafter. Erse-Cl binds iodine at a rate that is limited only by the response time and degree of water circulation in the aquarium; the…

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    Joe from Unique Corals using MarcoRocks Foundation and Shelf Dry Live Rock to create an awesome aquascape! Sold by the pound Size Range:5" to 15" Long (measured at the longest distance) MarcoRocks Reef Saver Shelf Dry Life Rock is perfect for any new or established reef tank. Each piecehas a flat…

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