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Bulk Reef Supply

Randy's 6ft. SPS Flow Bundle - Bulk Reef Supply

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1 x Gyre XF350 Pump Kit with Controller (5280 GPH) - Maxspect   + $0.00
2 x VorTech MP40QD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine   + $0.00
1 x Gyre XF350 Pump Only (5280 GPH) - Maxspect   + $0.00

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Earn 2,011 Reward Points

      Achieve dynamic, optimized flow in your reef tank through the strategic placement of multiple controllable powerheads. Randy’s 6ft. SPS Flow bundle includes two Ecotech Vortech® MP40s, along with a Maxspect Gyre® XF350 with controller and an extra XF350 pump. He has found this to be an great combination for longer reef tanks where it can be challenging to get sufficient cross-flow throughout the tank. With this combination, he has been able to effectively create random, turbulent flow throughout the tank and avoid dead spots. There are many placement combinations that can be used to suit different aquascapes, but Randy commonly uses the Maxspect Gyre® pumps on either end of the aquarium to create strong cross-flow currents, while utilizing the MP40s along the back of the aquarium to create interrupting flow patterns and move water from the back of the tank around rockwork and across the sandbed. This bundle will get you up and running quickly and you can expect excellent coral growth and health.



      • MP40 pumps are Mobius App Ready - No need for additional equipment to get wireless programming functionality. Connect directly to your iOS or Android device.
      • Create massive water movement - Adjustable flow rates with included controller allow you to dial in a setting that is tailored to your aquarium.
      • Strong, variable currents support coral health and growth
      • Three-dimensional flow
      • Many flow combinations for differing coral placement and aquascapes
      • Low visual impact


      Ecotech Vortech® MP40QD

      Vortech pumps are cabable of creating lots of flow with a widely dispersed pattern, with minimal noise and a low in-tank profile. With the addition of Ecotech Marine®'s Mobius app, Vortech QuietDrive pumps have never been more versatile or easier to use.


      Download the Mobius App:

      Google Play Store

      iTunes App Store


      Maxspct Gyre XF350

      The gyre pumps revolutionized water flow with their unique, laminar "sheets" of flow. This flow shape is especially good at creating powerful water movement across longer distances that many other pumps just can reach effectively. The 3rd Generation, aptly named the Gyre 300 series incorporates all of the amazing features of the original Gyre pumps and improved them to make the best GYRE flow pump yet, offering better control and flow direction.


      What's Included?

      2x VorTech MP40 Mobius Ready QuietDrive Pumps with QuietDrive controllers

      1x Maxspect Gyre XF350 with Controller

      1x Maxspect Gyre XF350 pump only

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