Prism II LED Light Fixture 12-20 Inch - Planted

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AquaMaxx Prism II LED Light Fixture 12-20 Inch - Planted


Thinner. Lighter. Smarter.

The new thinner and lighter AquaMaxx Prism II controllable full HD spectrum LED fixture is created from 100% recycled aluminum. Its brushed silver, ultra-slim profile design gives it an aesthetic edge over the competition, and its updated external smart controller includes 6 customizable set points of light intensity and can be used to control additional devices such as pumps, skimmers, cooling fans, and more!

The Light

Like its predecessor, the Prism II has a smart aluminum unibody design that is passively cooled, so no loud cooling fans are required. The Prism II is 25% more powerful than the original Prism, packing more wattage into an overall thinner, more streamlined design.

100% Recycled Aluminum Unibody:

      The Prism II is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing with its brushed silver recycled aluminum unibody.

Passive Cooling:

      The Prism II features a silicone thermal pad to quickly dissipate heat and reduce light decay. This passive cooling design means you don`t have to worry about noisy cooling fans.

HD Glass:

      The fixture`s HD oven-tempered glass yields 97% HD light transmission with zero yellowing. It`s also sealed with waterproof tape to ensure water resistance.

Stainless Steel Screws:

      Stainless steel screws are used to affix the PCB circuit board to the aluminum unibody, allowing for seamless heat dissipation.

The Controller

The AquaMaxx Prism II`s external smart controller features an easy-to-read OLED display, 4 channels with 6 customizable light intensity set points, and a 2.4G broadcaster and expansion plug to connect to and control multiple devices. 

Create the Perfect Schedule:

      With 6 set points— dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, dusk, and night—of customizable light intensity, you’ll be able to gradually ramp intensity up or down between points to simulate the look of a natural sunrise, sunset, and even moon light.

Linkage Mode:

    The Prism`s controller can be set as a broadcaster to directly control up to six other Prism controllers for use in multiple light setups. Its 2.4G antenna signal will cover roughly 5 square meters, although it cannot penetrate through walls.

Expansion Plug:

    The Prism II smart controller also includes an expansion plug, which allows the controller to regulate the ON/OFF times for multiple 24V devices, including cooling fans, pumps, valves, skimmers, and more!

HD OLED Display:

    The easy-to-read digital display shows the current time, light intensity, signal channel, and mode.


The Mount

The AquaMaxx Prism II includes adjustable mounting brackets which are suitable for both rimmed and rimless aquariums. For a more seamless single point mounting solution, we recommend the Pro Stand S for the 12-20" and 24-36" models and the Pro Stand L for the 36-48" and 48-60" models (rimless tanks only).



AquaMaxx Prism II LED Specifications - PLANTED

  12-20 Inch 24-36 Inch 36-48 Inch 48-60 Inch
Power 30 Watts 60 Watts 90 Watts 120 Watts
Dimensions 11" x 5" x 0.6" 22" x 5" x 0.6" 34" x 5" x 0.6" 46" x 5" x 0.6"
Weight 4.4 lbs 5.5 lbs 7.7 lbs 8.8 lbs
Min. Tank Length: 11.5" 23" 34.5" 46.5"
Max. Tank Length: 21.5" 42" 54.5" 66.5"
LED Colors
  • 28 - White (Channel A)
  • 14 - Blue (Channel B)
  • 14 - Green (Channel C)
  • 16 - Red (Channel D)
  • 56 - White (Channel A)
  • 28 - Blue (Channel B)
  • 28 - Green (Channel C)
  • 32 - Red (Channel D)
  • 84 - White (Channel A)
  • 42 - Blue (Channel B)
  • 42 - Green (Channel C)
  • 48 - Red (Channel D)
  • 112 - White (Channel A)
  • 56 - Blue (Channel B)
  • 56 - Green (Channel C)
  • 64 - Red (Channel D)
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Product Questions

In the planted model, is there any wavelength information available for the red and blue emitters?
Question by: William Welsh on Nov 7, 2022, 3:53 PM
Thanks for reaching out to us! The wavelengths of these two colors are Blue (455~460nm) and Deep Red (655~660nm). Please let us know if we can help with anything else!
Answer by: Kyle Thomas (BRS Staff) on Nov 9, 2022, 11:20 PM