Maxi-Jet Powerhead 600 - Marineland

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Maxi-Jet Powerhead 600 - Marineland

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Quick Overview

This Marineland Maxi-Jet pump comes with two modes: a powerhead mode and a circulation mode.

  • Powerhead Flow Rate: 160 GPH
  • Circulation Flow Rate: 750 GPH
  • Max Head Pressure: 3.5 Ft
  • 8 Watts
  • Inlet: fits 3/4" ID tube
  • Outlet: fits 1/2 tube
  • Pump Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"


Full Details

NOTE:This pump is not intended for use with a reactor or other back pressure situations as it will be significantly louder than in other operations. For reactors or other situations, BRS recommends the Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200.

The Marineland Maxi-Jet aquarium powerhead (pump) is ideal for creating internal water movement from its fully rotational output. The Maxi-Jet incorporates a venturi aeration device to provide optimal aeration and gas exchange in the aquarium. A silencer keeps the venturi aeration device operating quietly. An adjustable air filter permits the user to fine-tune air volume and water mixing as desired. Design includes optional high flow impeller and shroud allowing you to transform the Maxi-Jet into a high flow, more dispersed powerhead.

Quick Compare - Marineland Maxi-Jet Powerhead Pumps

Model Flow Rate Circulation Flow Rate Maximum Head Pressure Watts Inlet/Outlet Dimensions
Maxi-Jet 400 110 GPH 500 GPH 3 Ft. 8 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 600

160 GPH

750 GPH 

3.5 Ft. 


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 900

230 GPH

1000 GPH

4 Ft.


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"

Maxi-Jet 1200

295 GPH

1300 GPH

6 Ft.


3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube

3.25" x 3.5" x 2"


12 Items

  • Way too loud / buzzy By D.P. Roberts on 9/9/2015

    I bought this to power a Phosban 150 media reactor. At a rated 160 GPH, it's right in the middle of the recommended range for the reactor (100-250 GPH), so it should work. However, when throttled back to the proper flow rate with a ball valve it starts making a LOUD buzzing sound, audible from several rooms away. Also, the connector that fits over the impeller is prone to falling off. If you're considering running this with a media reactor I'd steer clear.
  • Maxi jet By Power head on 2/24/2014

    As a power head with the large impeller it is very noisy and lasts about a week.
  • Good pump... for a sole purpose By Chris on 12/24/2013

    Put a couple of these pumps in my 55g and as a newbie believed them to serve well for water movement. That is until I put a Hydor pump in and realized what a massive difference a good pump makes.
    My maxi-jets are now solely used for pumping water from one tank to another for which they are doing an excellent job. A year later and they're still going strong
  • great product By Hunter on 7/13/2012

    I would recommend this product to anyone
    very well made--They thought of everything-
    powerful and affordable-
  • Perfect for a small reactor By mitch on 7/6/2012

    Running my gfo,reactor. Had to throttle it back but very happy. Comes with tons,of accessories,if you want use it to circulate water
  • Great Price By Shoei on 6/16/2012

    My only complaint about this is the suction cups wont stay on anything i attached it to. Tried wetting it clean the suction cup nothing works. Other than this its got 3 great options for what you can use it for. Its very powerful so its worth the money Its great for using in small places RO/DI water or curing or whatever you wan really.
  • Little Workhorse By Kyle on 5/19/2012

    This is a great little pump that runs quietly and consistently. I bought it to circulate the water in my 32 gallon RO/DI container and it has worked great. I just needed something to keep the water moving in the container and it has not let me down. I've owned several Maxi-Jet pumps and I've never had a problem with any of them. All in all, this is a good pump and I haven't had to touch it at all since installing.
  • Good lil pump By Jason on 2/25/2012

    I have had this pump for bout 4 yrs and in use almost the whole time for a undergraval filter and now it mixes salt and pump water into the tank for water changes.
  • awesome By Ryan on 10/12/2011

    this pump is a beast. I use it for mixing salt, pumping saltwater into buckets, pumping water out of my sump, anything you can imaging. I've let it run dry for afew hours, poured water in and the thing pumped like nothing ever happened. like one reviewer said the mount isn't all that great but it gets the point across.
  • Tons of flow By Cory on 9/18/2011

    Bought this to install in my 40 gallon frag tank. The swivel doesn't hold the powerhead in a fixed position so I had to modify the mount a bit.
  • Excellent value By Philip on 11/14/2010

    I use this in my storage tank for my RO water to keep it from going stagnant. It works wonderfully. Totally quiet. moves alot of water. Excellent value for the price.
  • Durable and Versitle By Derick on 7/27/2010

    This pump has been running in my tank on my under gravel filter for over 7 years and is still pumping away. Great for the money, lasts, and can be used in many different applications.


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Product Questions

My impeller on the powerhead died. How do I order a replacement?
Question by: Timothy Wipperman on May 22, 2017 4:57:00 PM
Sorry to hear about that! I'm afraid we don't have replacement parts here, but you should be able to reach out to Marineland directly and get parts such as that from them. I have provided their contact info below.

Marineland – 800.322.1266

Happy reefing!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 25, 2017 4:36:00 PM