Manta Ray 5040 GPH (OPEN BOX) - Reeflo


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    Energy efficient, quiet and cool operation with maximum durability.

    • Max Flow: 5040 GPH
    • Max Head: 55 Ft
    • 1.5 ” Inlet/ Outlet
    • 6.7 Amps/771 Watts


    ReeFlo pumps are hands down the best high flow/high pressure pumps on the market. They are the most affordable, lowest wattage, and quietest pumps in this class. ReeFlo also provides top notch customer service. We have, along with our customers, personally found ReeFlo to be extremely helpful with questions and troubleshooting.

    Quick Compare - ReeFlo External Pumps

    Model Maximum Flow RateMaximum Head PressureAverage Draw
    Snapper/Dart Hybrid 2600/3600 GPH 12 Ft 94/165 Watts 2” FPT inlet/1.5” FPT outlet
    Super Dart/Snapper Gold Hybrid  2400/4300 GPH 14 Ft 147 Watts 2" FPT inlet/1.5" FPT outlet
    Barracuda/Hammerhead Hybrid 4590/6000 GPH 23 Ft 237/337 Watts 1.5” FPT inlet/outlet
    Hammerhead/Barracuda Gold Hybrid 4300/6000 24 Ft 237/372 Watts 1.5" FPT inlet/outlet
    Manta Ray 5040 GPH 55 Ft 771 Watts 1.5” FPT inlet/outlet
    Tiger Shark 8500 GPH 55 Ft 1065 Watts 1.5” FPT inlet/outlet
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