Group & Club Buys

Bulk Reef Supply is thrilled to offer customers exclusive perks by participating in a weekly Group Buy.

Sign up is simple and the perks are great! You'll get 10x bonus points* (that's 10% back!) PLUS free shipping.

No more hassles of organizing one big bulk order, collecting all the payments, distributing individual orders or waiting for your order. Instead, just create an account with, join go to your preferred forum to find out how to join the Group Buy and once it starts, shop away. Plus, once you sign up for one Group Buy, you automatically become a Preferred Reefer. Group buys cannot be used in combination with other promotions (coupon codes, sales, etc).

Reef Tank Forum Group Buys

We host Group Buys through the following forums one weekend, every month (except for November). Each forum has their own dedicated weekend and you keep your eye out on our sponser pages for details on how to sign up!

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Social Media Group Buys

Group Buys are hosted one weekend every month for facebook users. All the signup information can be found on our Facebook page.

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*Bonus points limited to 1x on the following brands: Abyzz, Aqua Illumination, Easy Reef, Ecotech Marine, Giesemann, IceCap, Kamoer, Neptune Systems, Nyos, Maxspect, Reef Octopus, & Red Sea Drop Ship Tanks