Salinity Probe v2 - Digital Aquatics

Salinity Probe v2 - Digital Aquatics
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  • Salinity Probe v2 - Digital Aquatics
  • Salinity Probe v2 - Digital Aquatics

Salinity Probe v2 - Digital Aquatics

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Quick Overview

Newly designed Salinity probe from Digital Aquatics for the SL2v2 Module. 


Package Contents:

1 x DA Salinity probe

1 x Mounting suction cup

1 x 35.0 PPT calibration kit


Full Details

Rugged Design
The Digital Aquatics conductivity probe is a new robust design. It allows for good water flow pass the electrode as well as easy cleaning. With a long life the probe should last for many years if cared for and kept clean.
The Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with the ability to provide full temperature compensation. This is built into every Digital Aquatics salinity probe and provide superior monitoring over a range of applications.
The new conductivity probe requires the SL2v2 module. This new module has the salinity port for this probe. Both the ReefKeeper Elite and ReefKeeper Lite will be able to interface with this probe.


4 Items

  • Seems to work great! By Enrique on 6/18/2017

    Easy to calibrate and seems to be accurate - spot on every time.

    To calibrate, do the following:
    - Tape solution to convenient place
    - Set Reef Keeper to calibration option for conductivity probe
    - Make sure temperature probe is calibrated by using extra temp probe (I use a food temp probe)
    - Place temp probe in calibration solution
    - Set conductivity to 000 in Reef Keeper
    - Remove salinity probe from water and blow on probes until dry (do not hand dry, just blow) ... wait until RK stabilizes value
    - Press Enter
    - Place probe in calibration solution and wait for reading to stabilize.
    - Press Enter.

    DONE. Easy-peezy. Stop with unfair review if you have no clue what you're doing, do your homework.
  • Good Probe, Needs Better Clarification By Steven on 3/7/2017

    Good probe, but I've seen some struggling with what unit they're calibrating the unit in. The operation range for probe per the factory sheet is 0-50ppt (parts per thousand), thus the numeric value you're reading on the display is displayed in ppt. At 77F a widely used calibration solution produced by Neptune is 53.0 mS/cm, which is 34.952ppt, with a specific gravity of 1.0263. So your first calibration point is in dry air with a ppt value of 000.0. The second however, should be set to 034.9 for ppt. Once the data stabilizes for each, which should be pretty quick, you save it and you're all set. So I hope that clears it up for everyone! Thanks for the video and happy reefing!
  • Waste of money By Misterkind on 12/2/2016

    I bought this probe along with the vl2 module for over $200. This piece of junk didn't come with any instructions. Also, nothing to indicate that the probe is very fragile, which it apparently is. I didn't bang it around or anything, but didn't handle it with extreme caution either. After hours of research, I learned to calibrate this probe, only to watch it fail time and time again. Won't give you an accurate reading from the second you calibrate it. Then the reading steadily rises. This equipment is worthless, and quite expensive.
  • Probe works By Justin on 9/4/2016

    Probe works well, and calibrates easy, but don't try to calibrate a refractometer using the salinity probe calibration fluid, it was about 10 ppt off for me


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Product Questions

Will any calibration 35 liquid work to calibrate?
Question by: Angelo Gonzalez on May 24, 2016 1:18:00 AM
Great question! Yes, any 35ppt calibration solution will work.
Answer by: Carter (Admin) on May 26, 2016 11:19:00 AM