If you’re looking for an economical high-intensity LED light fixture for your Nano aquarium, we’ve got good news. Wave Point has developed two LED fixtures especially for nano reef tanks. The Blade fixtures feature a combination of 1-watt Super Blue and 10K LEDs in a thin, sleek configuration. A clear, high-impact plastic support arm mounts to the lip of rimless aquariums, suspending the light fixture above the aquarium. The LEDs and dual on/off switches are mounted in an aluminum housing that functions as a silent heat sink. A Starfire glass splashguard protects the LEDS from moisture.

The 6-inch Blade is only 4-inches wide, extending about 10 ½-inches across the surface of the water. The fixture uses 12 one-watt LEDS: 6 10K and 6 Super blue LEDS.

The 9-inch Blade fixture positions the LED array lengthwise across the top of the water. The fixture uses 18 one-watt LEDS: 12 10K and 6 Super blue LEDS.

We really like that the Blade fixtures are so compact yet put out enough light to keep corals and other invertebrates happy. The dual on/off switches let you choose between 10K white, Super Blue or a combination of both.

The Wave Point Blade LED fixtures can be used as a primary light source or for adding additional lighting to an existing aquarium, frag tank or refugium.

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