Precision Marine Refugium R24:


The Precision Marine Refugium R24 is handcrafted using CNC cut optical-grade cast acrylic in a practical design for reef aquariums. It measures 24\" x 11.5\" x 14\" and is best suited for aquariums up to 100-gallons. It is a sump (a reservoir) that is gravity fed with water from your display tank. Water is drained from the display tank through a filter sock to remove food, detritus, organic waste, dust and other particulates. Next, water is is pumped into a protein skimmer (sold together or sold separately) to remove organic waste before it breaks down into nitrate and phosphate. The next section is the refugium chamber. Macro algae like Chaetomorpha or even Mangrove Trees can be planted in a refugium chamber to absorb nitrate and phosphate from water as they grow. A refugium light can be set up to run opposite of the display tank's daylight schedule to maintain stable pH. Additional filtration equipment, like a media reactor, can also be placed here. Finally, filtered water is pumped back into the display tank to replenish the aquarium ecosystem with food (microfauna, like copepods and amphipods in the refugium), clean water and trace elements. Unsightly equipment, like heaters and auto top-off systems, can also be set up inside the R24 to reduce in-tank clutter for a more natural environment.


Daniel lives in Warren, OH with his wife and daughter (with baby #2 on the way!). He loves reefing and currently has 4 systems running: a 180-gallon mixed reef, a 120-gallon anemone tank, a 14-gallon BioCube (the only tank allowed in the living room) and a 24-gallon JBJ Nano Cube that he is just starting to set up.


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Precision Marine Refugium R24: