Occasionally MarineDepot.com highlights one lucky customer's tank as a \"Featured Tank.\" Steve Garrett's Orangy County coral farm, better known as Garrett's Acropolis, was our choice for July 2011. The system is around 1200 gallons. The main glass display/growing tank is approximately 600 gallons and measures 240\" x 49\" x 14\" deep. The next tank is a refugium that holds about 90 gallons and is made of high-density polyethylene. There are also two 300 gallon sumps made of fiberglass. The stand consists of 12 redwood legs. They meet with over 180 pounds of extruded aluminum beams that make up the flat surface for the glass tank to sit on. There is a ¾\" layer of baltic birch plywood separating the aluminum from the glass tank.

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