UV sterilizers remove unwanted algae and unfriendly bacteria and protozoa out of aquarium water by exposing them to high intensity ultraviolet light. If you have a nano aquarium less than 30 gallons, one of the easiest ways to outfit your tank with a UV sterilizer is by using JBJ's NanoZapp.

Today, we'll show you how to set one up in only a few short steps.

The NanoZapp comes with two pieces of vinyl tubing. You'll want to cut these pieces of vinyl tubing to fit for your intended application. We're placing our JBJ NanoZapp in the back of a 29-gallon Oceanic BioCube Aquarium.

One piece of vinyl tubing will slip on to your return pump. Slide the UV sterilizer, lamp-side down, into the vinyl tubing attached to the pump. Then attach the other piece of vinyl tubing along with an elbow, if necessary. We also recommend securing your vinyl tubing in place with a couple of hose clamps, just to be safe.

Lower the pump and UV sterilizer into the back chamber of your aquarium and attach it to your return outlet. Plug in the pump and sterilizer and you're good to go.

It is typically best to have the UV sterilizer setup as your last method of filtration after the mechanical and biological filters.

There are many different sizes and styles of UV sterilizers available. Some are submersible and for internal use, like the NanoZapp, while others are designed to be used externally.

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