Finally, there's an LED light fixture with a fully adjustable color spectrum. With its simple and sleek housing, the thin yet powerful E-Series meets all of the most demanding aquatic lighting needs. Delivering a full spectrum through a carefully hand selected array of RGB and daylight LEDs, your water will glisten as beautiful lines shimmer on your aquatic environment. By incorporating two channels, one for growth and one for spectral control, we've created a light fixture that produces eye popping color rendition with vibrant shimmer and plenty of PAR for growth.

The E-Series offers the unique ability to wirelessly program and control your lighting to meet all your needs and moods. Watch simulated cloud cover, occasional tropical thunderstorms and gradual sunrises and sunsets like never before. Complete your 24 hour lighting cycle with soothing moonlight using a custom blend of RGB LED'S. Whether you have a planted freshwater aquarium, an African Cichlid scape or a deep marine aquarium, the E-Series is the perfect choice for the discerning aquarist.

Features include:

-Wireless remote programming - no computer required

-Thin, sleek aluminum housing

-120 degree optics, polished reflector

-Plug-and-play, easy to program, internal memory

-Adjustable docking mounts fit on a wide range of aquarium sizes

-Low voltage, 24VDC and IP65 water resistant, safe for aquariums

Each E-Series LED system includes an E-Series LED strip with Daylight White and RGB high output LEDs, E-Series LED controller with wireless IR remote, adjustable tank docking mounts, canopy brackets, 24VDC power supply, polished aluminum reflector, and complete instructions. See specification sheet for sizing recommendations and PAR levels. Patented USA. Additional USA patents pending.

You can view the Ecoxotic E-Series LED Light System on our website below.