Crystal Red Shrimp are a small freshwater species that look great in the lush green environments of a planted aquaria. \"Neon Shrimp,\" a Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts (SCAPE) member, recently dropped by the Garden Grove headquarters of to pick up a Will Call order at kindly hooked us up with some CRS for the freshwater tank in our office. The shrimp bred so quickly, we decided to start a second planted tank to hold their offspring. This video shows you how the Red Crystal Shrimp look inside our tanks and features some pop-up messaging with care tips and breeding best practices.

The awesome still photo of a CRS pair at the conclusion of the video was provided by a talented young photgrapher, Mr. John Ciotti.

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Many thanks to \"Neon Shrimp\" and the entire SCAPE club. They're a great group of guys and gals. Be sure to check out their website: