Introducing Cobalt Aquatics EXT canister filter system.

The Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T aquarium canister filter is the most innovative canister available. Its unique inline pump allows complete flexibility on any aquarium, terrarium or vivarium setup. The innovative valve with 5/8\" hose barbs allows the pump to continue to run and keep vital circulation to your display even while the canister is disconnected for maintenance. Easy to open and close clips and removable media trays make maintenance a breeze!

Complete with four pre-loaded media chambers:

- 1st stage sponge filter

- 2nd stage activated carbon

- 3rd stage ceramic rings

- Final 4th stage finishing floss


- Flow Rate: 210gph (800l) Max.

- Capacity: up to 55 gallons

- Total canister volume: 1.85 gallons

- Warranty: 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty