Today we want talk to you about a popular lineup of algae turf scrubbers available from Clearwater. Also, stick around until the end of the video to find out how you can win one of these great scrubbers for your tank!

Controlling nutrient levels in your reef tank is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy vibrant reef tank. Nutrients are added to your reef every time you feed your tank, and excess nutrients must be removed from your tank to keep them from reaching toxic levels and causing harm to your corals and fish.

There are many ways that you can remove nutrients from your reef including mechanical filtration methods like filter socks or protein skimmers, or chemical filtration methods like carbon dosing. Many reefers these days are gravitating to a biological approach with the use of algae scrubbers and refugiums specifically designed for nutrient export.

The use of algae for nutrient export is certainly not new. It’s actually one of the ways that mother nature has taught us to keep nutrients in check. Algae growth is a major part of the ocean’s ecological system and, in addition to nutrient control as a natural filter, also offers benefits like providing a natural food source for many life forms and a habitat for many others.

In aquaria, reefers use controlled algae growth primarily in 2 ways: refugiums where macro algae like chaetomorpha is cultivated in sump compartments or separate tanks and algae scrubbers which grow green hair algae on a screen, inside an enclosed housing.

Both of these are viable methods for employing algae to export nutrients, but refugiums typically need to be large if they are going to be truly beneficial for nutrient export.

This makes the compact algae scrubbers a more practical solution because of space constraints in most average sized home aquariums.

Green hair algae removes nitrate, phosphate, and heavy metals just like macro-algae in a refugium but it is unique in that it can also directly consume ammonia which is appealing for fish stores and captive breeding.

Most external algae scrubbers are relatively straight-forward in their design. Water is pumped into the scrubber which then directs the water to naturally fall over some type of roughed up surface--often a heavy screen. Water then drains from the scrubber through a drain pipe back into your sump or aquarium.

A full spectrum light source illuminates the screen area inside the scrubber, promoting rapid algae growth. The color of this light source is often optimized to further increase the rate at which the algae grows because the faster it grows, the more nutrients it will remove.

Scrubbers are designed in such a way that water is highly oxygenated often through a waterfall effect as it flows over the screen or with the use of an air pump. This further optimizes the environment for speedy algae growth.s

Clearwater offers 4 different models of external algae scrubbers ranging in size based on your aquariums water volume. Starting with tanks as small as 60 gallons all the way up to 500 gallons or more.

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