AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO All-In-One Filter Media is the only filter media you need for crystal clear water in your freshwater, saltwater fish or reef aquarium. It removes phosphates, silicates, organic pollutants and heavy metals while reducing nitrates and improving oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This long-lasting blend of super absorbent multi-resin media will only need to be replaced every 4 to 6 months when used as directed.

AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO is packed into filter bags that you can place inside your canister filter, hang-on back filter or inside the filtration chamber of your aquarium. No muss, no fuss!

UltraMaxx AIO is AquaMaxx's most advanced filter media to date. It contains a specially-formulated bituminous coal carbon, phosphate removal resin and a powerful organic removal resin. You will immediately notice the difference in water clarity and your tank inhabitants will benefit from living in a healthier aquatic environment.

AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO Filter Media contains an efficient coal-based activated carbon with a low density, high adsorption capacity. What does that do for your tank? Organic pollutants, odors and discolorations will be eliminated leaving crystal clear water that allows better light penetration with increased ORP.

UltraMaxx AIO also contains an advanced phosphate removal resin that gets rid of phosphates and silicates in aquarium water. Phosphates and silicates contribute to the presence of nuisance algae and diatoms. UltraMaxx AIO starves algae fuels to prevent blooms and will not leach any phosphates or silicates back into your aquarium.

A special organics-selective resin is included in this special blend of media to lower nitrate levels and reduce the need for frequent water changes. A uniform, spherical shape maximizes surface area for high capacity organic pollutant collection. A unique amine eliminates the possibility of \"nitrate dumping,\" which can occur with standard resins.

AquaMaxx UltraMaxx AIO All-in-One Filter Media will effectively filter a freshwater aquarium up to 4 months and saltwater tanks up to 6 months, depending on your aquarium feeding habits and bioload.

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