Proper filtration in an aquarium is absolutely the most important factor for success. When keeping a reef aquarium, filtration is all that more critical because of the sensitive nature of the animals inside and using a sump system can make it much easier to achieve perfect parameters in your reef tank. In this video you will learn all about the benefits of using a sump system and get some helpful tips on how to make installing a sump on your aquarium easier.

A sump is basically a container of water below your aquarium used to house filtration equipment. It will create a larger total water volume in your system which helps dilute waste and makes it easier to maintain healthy water parameters. You can also incorporate more advanced filtration equipment and techniques beyond what other conventional filtration equipment offers; things such as protein skimmers, media reactors, refugiums and algae scrubbers. Also, by housing this equipment in your sump you end up with far less clutter in your display aquarium making for a natural looking aquascape.

When choosing a sump you will need to ensure you have all of the necessary plumbing and equipment needed for installation and this will vary from tank to tank. Our customer service staff is always available for support and one of our aquarium experts can walk you through purchasing all of the components needed for installation.

We carry a plethora of quality sumps here at and a couple of our favorites are the Berlin Series Sumps ( for larger aquariums and the NEW EShopps CUBE Nano Refugium ( for smaller tanks.

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