Illustration of parrot fish

If there’s one cool thing to know about reef life, it’s how everything has its niche and everything is interconnected. Pristine coral reefs are perfectly balanced ecosystems where every organism contributes and every action is counterbalanced by a reaction.

Remove one part of that three dimensional jigsaw and the reef goes out of balance, favouring one organism while weakening another, and the delicate balance is lost. 

"The Big-beaked Rock Munching Fish That Protect Coral Reefs" is an animation by Marine Biologist Mike Gil which tells the tale of Parrotfish and their importance to reef ecosystems.

Its hosted on TED-Ed, a platform where the words and ideas of educators are brought to life by professional animators, and this nerdy but important subject has been broken down and simplified in a way that anyone can understand and relay to others. 

The film is directed by Franz Palomares, narrated by Addison Anderson, with music by Carlos Palomares.

Check it out, watch it, and hopefully, share it.