As we look more and more to achieve perfection in our captive reef systems many of us are revisiting pH. The pH in a reef tank should be 8.3-8.4 for optimal coral growth. If you’re struggling to maintain pH there may be an excess of CO2 in the room, that your skimmer is sucking in and pumping into the tank, and lowering the pH. 

When there are lots of people in the room and windows and doors are shut (like in cold weather,) CO2 levels increase and the pH in your tank goes down. Open all the windows and doors and pH should rise, but not all of us can be doing this on a daily basis when its cold outside, especially when there is a much easier way - a CO2 scrubber. 

Colour changing CO2 media

The IceCap CO2 Scrubber connects to the air intake pipe on any protein skimmer and filters CO2 from the air that the skimmer is sucking in. CO2 is bad for corals in other ways too, so by fitting a CO2 scrubber you should be able to achieve higher pH values and better coral growth without having to implement Kalwasser, and a stirrer.

You don’t have to plug anything electrical in and it’s much safer than using other ways to raise pH. Connect it up and when the media changes colour its spent and should be replaced with new. 

Three sizes are available.