Tropical Marine Centre have expanded the Reef Pump range with the release of Reef Pump Connect. Five models make up the range, turning over between 2500 and 10000lph or 660-2642gph, making the range suitable for a wide selection of aquarium sizes and applications. 

Like many DC pumps, these feature variable speed control with 20 settings, soft start, feed mode and they can be used in or out of water. But with Reef Pump Connect they also feature Bluetooth BLE connectivity enabling full control via a free downloadable app for smartphones and tablets. 

The pumps are compact, good looking in black and purple, and super quiet running, according to the manufacturers, and initial feedback has been good after they launched in the UK this week.

We are eagerly waiting to see if these or similar pumps will launch in the US under the TMC brand or by an Other Equipment Manfacturer (OEM) like CoralVue under the Icecap brand. Both companies have distributed similar-looking sumps, reef cams and other equipment in the past so may be in contact with similar sources. The pump body at least looks strikingly similar to the Platinum Blue DC pumps over on Reefbuilders last week, though there, models go up to 20,000 and 30,000lph/5283 and 7925gph and aren’t Bluetooth or app controllable.