Fragging corals is one of the most important, yet most overlooked aspects of our hobby.  Whether you are finally cutting down your giant acropora or adding your new frags to your tank, having the right fragging tools can make your life much easier.  Thankfully Maxspect has a few fragging tools that can make this chore quick and easy.

Maxspect Glue Gun

Maxpect Glue Gun and Refills

When mounting coral frags to rocks or plugs, there is nothing more frustrating than the inevitable chaos it creates.  Glue everywhere except in the very place you really need it to be.  Just the mess alone often deters people from fragging or even mounting newly obtained corals.

The Maxpect Glue Gun dispenses an extra thick, completely safe for corals, cyanoacrylate Gel great for mounting heavier frags vertically or bonding corals directly to your rock display. Simply administer what is needed and never have to worry about the remaining glue drying up again. Best of all, your hands and fingers remain clean as they never have to touch the glue!

Applying glue to frag plug

Adhering coral frag to plug

Applying glue directly to rock under waterAdhering frag plug to rock under water

The Maxspect Glue Gun is 100% corrosion free and can be used under water! In addition to mounting corals directly to your tank’s rockwork, it can also be used to battle against eradicating pesky vermetid snails that commonly plague reef aquariums and stress out surrounding corals. Just cover the holes at the end of the tube shell with enough glue to trap the snail within.

Sealing Vermetid Snail shell with glue Applying glue to Vermetid Snail shell opening

Each Coral Glue Gun Comes with - two long reaching stainless steal applicator tips

Replacement glue cartridge and replacement tips 1oz cartridge of 100% safe Cyanoacrylate Gel

Body of glue gun and plunger Coral Gun with plunger

To assemble the glue gun Lift the top glue cartridge retainer up. Then insert the plunger into the front of the gun with the ribbed portion facing downward while holding down the lever located on the backside of the handle. Push the whole plunger all the way into the gun while continuing to hold down the lever. The gun is now ready for the glue cartridge.

Insert plunger into gun body

Push punger all the way through gun body

Remove the blue rear cap from the glue cartridge. With the cartridge tip faced upward remove the blue cap and Insert a stainless applicator into the tip of the glue cartridge.

Remove cap from the back refill cartridge

Insert application tip into front of refill cartridge

From the top of the gun, slide the glue cartridge into the top with the wings on the cartridge rim parallel with the gun itself. Push the retainer down to lock in place. The retainer will not go down if the glue cartridge is not inserted in the proper orientation. The gun is now ready to be used.

Slide replacement cartridge into place

Lock the retainer into place

Once the glue is secured you're ready to go

The gun accepts both 30g/1oz and 50g/1.9oz glue refills and each come with two stainless steal applicator tips.

Maxspect Coral Glue Gun Fragging Tools

Maxspect Coral Hand Saw

Maxspect Coral Hand Saw is a must-have cutting tool to take on the serious coral cuts and even cut away live rock. The Saw Blade is treated with an Anti-Corrosion coating and is completely marine safe.

Maxspect Coral Hand Saw and Replacement Blade Fragging Tools

Coral Hand Saw

The Handsaw is made with 315L surgical grade stainless steel with a super grip handle.

315L Surgical Steel Blade

Super Grip Handle

The Maxspect Coral Hand Saw is small enough to get into tight places and makes pruning large staghorns or chopping up branching Euphilias with ease.  Saw away large coral colonies from the aquarium with ease and less stress to the corals themselves.

Coral hand saw cutting acropora coral underewater

Best of all, the Hand saw blades are easily replaceable. Using a flat head screwdriver, turn the screw located at the base of the blade and rotate counter clockwise till the screw and retainer nut separate. The blade can now be removed from the handle.

Turn the screw located at the base of the blade

Remove and replace the blade and re-tighten the screw

If you have any questions or issues with these fragging tools or any other products, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit CoralVue's support portal at  Our friendly support reps are eager to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

If you'd like to see the full video for support, you can find it HERE!