Providing optimum nutrition is important for keeping your fish in tip top shape.  American Marine Selcon is a great tool to make sure your fish are getting all of the important nutrients they need.

Selcon is a concentrated food booster containing OMEGA 3 fatty acids, Marine Lipids, Stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin B12.  All you need to do is take a bit of your freeze dried, dry, or even frozen food and soak it with a few drops of Selcon for a few minutes prior to feeding.

This will infuse the food with the extra nutrients and help your hungry aquatic friends to grow, thrive, and display the best colors possible. When used regularly it can help reduce the effects of head and lateral line disease. Filter-feeding invertebrates will also benefit from Selcon and it is safe for broadcast or spot feeding directly into your tank. Selcon does not contain any yeast, phosphates, or nitrates, and won’t alter your water chemistry.

Whether you’re trying to nurse a sick fish back to health or just making sure your livestock is as healthy as can be, using American Marine Selcon is a great way to give your tank a boost.